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Redlands was purchased by the society in 1999 having been leased since 1976 and provides our membership with a much more secluded and isolated lake. 

Containing carp to nearly 40lb Redlands rewards the angler who puts a little more thought into their angling. Redlands is well stocked with carp, bream, tench and silver fish. The pike fishing can also be great fun in the cooler months.


Redlands is a fully fenced venue and access from the road is via a locked gate. A gravel track leads to our private car park where you will find another locked gate that leads onto the fishery. It is imperative that this gate remain locked at all times to prevent otters from gaining access to the lake.

We have two accessible swims that are reserved for those with mobility issues. Other anglers are welcome to fish these two swims but may be asked to move it the swim is required by someone with mobility issues.

Redlands is a fantastic, secure fishery and the society are rightly proud of what has been achieved by the bailiffs and fishery management team, with assistance from our members.

Redlands - approx 160 carp

20 x 30lb

55 x 20lb

Bream to 15lb +

Pike to 14lb +

Tench to 13lb +

Roach to 2lb +

Image by Eugene Lagunov


The closest postal address for Redlands Lake is;

Whistley Mill Lane



RG10 0RA

The track to Redlands is the dotted line to the left of the pin on the map.

Please be considerate when parking and do not block gates or paths.

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