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Little Redlands is the direct result of hard graft from the Southlake AS bailiffs and members.

Once a run-down, forgotten, severely overgrown pond, Little Redlands has been re-generated with the help of a grant from the Angling Trust and some back-breaking work from those who got stuck in.

Now, Little Redlands is a beautiful place for our juniors to learn the trade or just to fish for all manner of species. There are carp, tench, crucian carp, bream, skimmers, golden rudd and big roach, all of which usually oblige to the angler fishing maggots or sweetcorn under a float.

Little Redlands.png
Image by Eugene Lagunov


The closest postal address for Little Redlands is;

Whistley Mill Lane



RG10 0RA

The lake is situated down the track shown as the dotted line on the map, just to the left of the pin.

Please be considerate when parking and do not block gates or paths.

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