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Southlake has been part of the society since April 1969 and provides specimen carp angling with fish over 45lbs. There are numerous 30lb plus fish, a great head of 20lb plus fish and a few young fish stocked a few years ago that are now upper doubles and growing fast. Southlake has a small stock of specimen sized tench  alongside roach, perch and plenty of pike that provide superb sport in the winter months.



Southlake - approx 150 carp

4 x 40lb

30 x 30lb

65 x 25lb +

Pike to 18lb +

Tench to 10lb +

Southlake is your classic estate/park lake with depths ranging from a few feet to over 10ft at it's deepest point. The fish are caught all year round from all areas of the lake and other than the out of bounds area behind the islands, there are no restrictions on where you can fish. The areas where fishing is not permitted are clearly marked on the map and are roped off with floating bouys. Any anglers caught fishing into these areas will lose their membership immediately.

The vast majority of fish are caught at less than 50 yards range and standard carp fishing tactics should see good results.

The weed as with any gravel pit, comes in cycles. 

Some years the weed is non existent and some years there is more.

Southlake enjoys public access around its perimeter and is located close to residential properties. Due care and consideration should be extended at all times when parking your vehicles, there is ample parking in Wallace Close, Rickman Close and in the area near Southlake Court. Please ensure that driveways and access to garages and other areas is not compromised.

Southlake Depths.png


The closest postal address for Southlake is;

Wallace Close




Please be considerate to our neighbours when parking and do not block driveways or access to properties.

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